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The Meehan Mental Health Fund, in honor of Cpl. Austin R. Meehan, is the core of BRAVER Together.  Whether traditional or alternative, the MMHF strives to help heroes find the best mode of healing for them.

We currently have partners in the fields of equine therapy and art therapy, and are open to funding any sort of therapy you can imagine.  You can choose your own provider or we can help you find someone who meets your needs.

Because our services are free of charge, there is no worrying about insurance or means to pay out of pocket. The MMHF is funded solely on donations and fund availability is on a first come first served basis.


  • Must be an active duty military member or veteran OR

  • Must be an emergency responder (i.e. firefighter, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, hospital worker etc.) OR

  • Must be the family member of an eligible person AND

  • Must be experiencing symptoms of trauma or PTSD related to your service (or loved one's service)

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