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Resiliency and
Advocating for
Veterans and

Helping Everyday Heroes Heal

     As a veteran or first responder, we see things that are gut-wrenchingly devastating on a semi-regular basis.  We sign onto these jobs wanting to make a difference for our neighbors, communities, and country.  And what we sometimes see, we wouldn't wish on anyone.  Tragedy, loss, destruction.  We push through like we are trained to do.


     At the end of the day though, everyone experiences and reacts to trauma differently.  At BRAVER Together, we know that everyone heals from trauma differently too. 


     We also know that sometimes getting the necessary help to heal in your own unique way can be hard to ask for and even harder to afford.


     Maybe you think that you aren't being strong or brave enough.  Maybe you think that other people won't understand the special circumstances that brought you to this point.  We do.  BRAVER Together is made up of veterans, firefighters, and EMTs, among others, who understand what you've been through.  And we want to help!

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